La Chapelle Blanche Saint Martin is a municipality in the French department of Indre-et-Loire and has around 700 inhabitants. The village is part of the Loches district. Here you will find a small bakery where you can buy the tastiest croissants in France and a hotel restaurant. The village is in a rural area.

The surrounding countryside offers a variety of forests, fields and meadows from which one can enjoy hiking trails, such as the most famous – the path of Saint-Martin – which is referred to as “Itinéraire Culturel du Conseil de l’Europe”.

The climate of center France, in which La Chapelle is located, is a temperate maritime climate with mild winters, warm summers and precipitation spread throughout the year.

A small supermarket, Auchan, is located in Ligueil, 5 km from the gîte. In the village you will also find various shops and a bank (with ATM). At 6 km in the opposite direction you will find the village of Manthelan, where you will find a pharmacy, butcher, “tabac” and a little supermarket.

Loches is situated at 22 km from the gîte. Loches is a historic French town, located on the Indre River in the department of Indre-et-Loire, with around 7000 inhabitants. The city bears the visible traces of its military past, and has preserved its medieval character in the historic center. Of this fairly well-preserved city district, two of the three original city walls can still be seen. On Saturdays there is a nice market where you can buy local products and drink a cup of coffee or a good glass of wine on a pleasant terrace. There are also nice restaurants and several large supermarkets.